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Why is Aqua Spinning the Next Big Thing?

Posted on February 9, 2015

Why is Aqua Spinning the Next Big Thing?

Aqua spinning is a great way to get fit, whilst feeling all the benefits of water-based exercise. It's had rave reviews as one of the best ways to burn calories, tackle cellulite and enhance flexibility. Plus, it's great for general health and wellbeing, with low impact on joints and muscles. We are always keen to investigate the latest health and fitness craze, so what better way to do so than to hold our very own aqua spinning event?

Teaming up with the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh, we organized two forty-five minute sessions, in which participants could get down to some serious underwater work outs. Although mounting stationary exercise bikes that were fully submerged in the pool seemed a bit strange at first, the guys soon got the hang of things. Feet strapped in and balance accomplished, it wasn't long before they were cycling like they'd never cycled before (literally). The next forty-five minutes saw them standing up, sitting down, cycling fast, cycling slow, swinging arms to the left and arms to the right, and generally working up a sweat.

Hard work? Yes. Big benefits? TRIPLE YES. Let's take a look:

- As with all underwater activity, the joints are subjected to far less stress during aqua spinning than other forms of exercise. This is due to water buoyance and the 'low gravity' effect it has - Post-work out muscle soreness is reduced significantly, if not completely eliminated, with aqua spinning. This is because the muscles produce less lactic acid in the water due to lower body temperature, and the 'massage' effect of moving in the water - Flexibility is improved, alongside posture and muscle relaxation - Up to eight hundred calories an hour can be burned, with the support/pressure of the water speeding up blood circulation and eliminating fat - Cellulite is tackled - Weight loss is encouraged and muscles are strengthened

- The heart rate is 10-15 beats per minute slower, compared with the same amount of physical effort outside of the water - Blood pressure is lowered and circulation is improved - There is less post-training fatigue compared with exercise that takes place out of the water

With such bountiful benefits, there's really no reason not to give aqua spinning a go. So next time you're thinking of taking up a class, ditch the trainers and don your swimming costume. With eight hundred calories burnt per hour you won't regret it.

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