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How much do you want to impact your clients life?

There are two main staples to an aquatic facility and based on if your facility provides them both you will be in very good shape figuratively speaking. The first one is obviously the aquatic environment and the second is the right equipment to change a patient or clients life. We have two locations in New Jersey and both have the water and each facility has specialized aquatic equipment from Hydrorider. We utilize both aquatic cycling bikes and underwater treadmills plus a patented education system. The combination of these two together works very well and creates an environment and program where clients lives are changing. The underwater bike allows for our clients to experience both a cardio and strength workout simultaneously. Why? Due to the properties of viscosity or the resistance of water along with a combination of buoyancy. Our weight loss or rehabilitation clients that are most successful with the bikes usually have an ankle, hip, or shoulder limitation. While riding the underwater cycle bikes we can have them moving their arms to stimulate core strength that brings the entire muscular system together. The professional bikes have three different levels of resistance and based on a clients goals we can dictate the proper effort level. Each and every pedal that is made is increasing the clients heart rate along with building leg strength because it is being resisted every inch of every movement.

The underwater treadmill allows for so many options for our clients. The first option can be a less stressful exercise experience for clients that are limited in performing cardiovascular training on land such as running, hiking, or sprinting for sports. Based on your aquatic facility the treadmills can be moved from a deeper depth to shallower to allow for more or less impact. This allows freedom and flexibility of your program and will allow you to work with different clients of all shapes and sizes. If you have your patients deeper it will be excellent for anyone who has a spinal limitation or for someone that wants as little impact on their knees and ankles as possible. The deeper depth will provide more pressure on the lungs and chest creating a higher exertion level for their cardiac efforts.

The second option with the underwater treadmill is utilizing the handlebars and having your clients float up to the surface line. Why would you not want your client using the treadmill how it is naturally intended? Simple, to work the entire body and to have more fun! Having your client float up will naturally cause their core to activate and the buoyancy of the water will allow them to hold their body weight up when they may not be able to on land. Keeping their upper body in a push up position while moving their legs in multiple directions will allow your client to gain core strength while toning and tightening their hips.

You can not go wrong with either of these two pieces of equipment. The question as a facility you have to ask yourself is how much do you want to impact your clients life? We decided we wanted the best for them and the decision to go with hydrorider was our best and only option.

If you are a facility that would like help in building your aquatic exercise or rehabilitation program. Please reach out to Aquatic Performance Training and John Dohanic at or call us at 609-731-8719.

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