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If you want to buy the AquaStation (option 2) please call us. 305-762-7557


Specialty uses

  • Muscular Strengthening: arms, legs, abdominals
  • Fun option to incorporate exercises for children


Unique Design

  • Base with multiple color option avaible
  • Horizontal bars can be placed in cage format
  • Bases function as a "step" for aerobic exercise
  • The double bar can be used for pull-up, elastic bands, monkey bar. 
  • Clear suction cups to accomodate any pool floor without damage


There is no special maintenance required. We recommend checking the rubber bases periodically. Equipment may be left in chlorinated water or stored on the pool deck. Use of equipment in thermal, salt and mineral rich waters may require more attention. 



*The price includes: Bases (2) + Vertical Bar (2) + Horizontal Bar (2) + Clips (2) to maintain the horizontal bar




  • Details:

    Vertical Bar (1)

    75 x 6 inches 

    Weight 11,5 lbs

    Horizontal Bar (1)

    66x3,34 inches 

    Weight 1 lbs

    Base (1)

    38 x 37 x 7 inches

    Weight 35 lbs

    Packaging Vertical Bar (2) + Horizontal Bar (1)

    Length: 4 in 

    Width: 4 in

    Height: 75 in 

    Weight: 24 lbs


    Packaging (Base 1):

    Weight: 70 lbs



    In the Packaging there are 2 clips included

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