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If you want to buy the Cage option, please call us! 305-762-7557


Specialty uses:

  • Muscular strenghtening: arms, legs, abdominals
  • Fun option to incorporate exercises for children


Unique Design:

  • Base with multiple color option avaible 
  • Horizontal bars can be placed in Cage format
  • Bases function as a "step" for aerobic exercises
  • Multi functional station to allow various arrangement as a cage, using different equipment (Rings, Elastic Bands etc)
  • Clear suction cups to accomodate any pool floor without damage. 



*The price includes: Bases (4) + Vertical Bar (4) + Horizontal Bar (4) + Clips (4) to maintain the horizontal bar.

All other accessories are not included. 





  • Details:

    Vertical Bar (1)

    75 x 6 inches

    Weight 11.5 lbs

    Horizontal Bar (1)

    66 x 3.34 inches

    Weight 1 lbs

    Base (1)

    38 x 37 x 7 inches

    Weight 35 lbs

    Packaging Vertical Bar (4)

    Length: 4 in

    Width: 4 in

    Height: 75 in

    Weight: 46 lbs

    Packaging 4 Horizontal Bar:

    Length: 4 in

    Width: 4 in

    Height: 67 in

    Weight: 4 lbs


    Each base is in one package:

    36x36x24 in

    Weight: 36 lbs


    In the package are included also 8 Clips

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